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While I have given intuitive guidance for many years, people know me more as a singer-songwriter. For nearly five decades, I shared the stage with many fine musicians, including Leonard Cohen. Our relationship touched on many realms outside of the arts, most notably, spirituality. We spent countless hours in conversation and contemplation on the great mystery of life. 


One July day in 2007, my left cheek began to ache intensely during an afternoon meditation. From then on, that migraine-like nerve pain didn't ease up until I fell asleep, that is, if I could fall asleep. I tried naturopaths, doctors, bodyworkers, spiritual courses, retreats, and every weird, wacky remedy people suggested. My touring career came to a halt when what began as a few months off to recover evolved into a nine year bout of facial neuralgia. 

I realized I needed to move on with life regardless of pain. Fortunately, I discovered Art of God, a powerful practice for expanding awareness created by the late Brooks Greene-Barton. Brooks' wife, Alison, introduced me to Pathwork, a profound teaching for self-transformation, somatic-based classes by Ray Castellino and Peter Levine, and the angelic-based work of Anne and Peter Selby. That knowledge helped me release deep-rooted emotional trauma that led to gaining inner strength, patience, compassion and healing on many levels...including the facial neuralgia. As I became happier, calmer, more grounded, and accepting, pleasure and gratitude arose for the smallest things and simplest pleasures. Where I had once viewed the world as a cold, harsh place of suffering, I realized joy, beauty, and Divine Order were an alternative everyday reality. ​And when Spirit suggested that others could benefit from what sharing I've learned, it felt so right in my heart. So here I am, looking forward to walking with you on the inward journey.


Love Always, All Ways,


Anjani is experienced in many esoteric and wellness modalities including:

Energy Healing and Toning, Chakra & Channel Balancing, and Flower Essences

  • Certified Practitioner in Art of God, founded by Brooks Greene-Barton 

  • Assistant Pathwork Helper 

  • Certified in Clairvoyant Angelic Healing by Anne and Peter Selby

  • Graduate of The Bio-Tuning System of Sound Healing, by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

  • Somatic Experiencing with Dr. Peter Levine

  • Womb Surround Process, Pre and Perinatal Healing  Classes with Dr. Raymond Castellino

  • Nearly fifty years of experience in various forms of meditation 

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