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What Is Intuitive Guidance?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Have you ever walked into a room and felt the tension where an argument just happened?

Ever changed plans at the last minute because something just didn't feel right, or wondered how it is that a dog’s ears will perk up well before their owners reach home?

Intuition is a heightened sense of awareness that allows us to know, see, hear, feel, taste, or even smell information that bypasses the thinking mind. It's the sixth sense or inner voice we use to communicate with intelligent life, including the animal and spirit world. I believe Higher Self intuition is the most important sense we have to understand and unwind trauma. Consider that your body has recorded an emotional response to everything that has ever happened to you. In childhood, happy, fun experiences generate feelings of lightness and relaxation in the body, while painful ones cause heaviness and tension. When kids are told, don't cry, stop whining, don’t get angry, do this, do that, be good or else!, it creates physical tension in their bodies, and a fear of incurring more anger or punishment. Children don't stop loving or needing their parents. So they do the only thing they can do with painful, anxious feelings: deny them in order to feel safe and secure. But trying not feel hurt means the body still has the negative reactions. This is how the unconscious mind forms stronger and stronger emotional defenses against feeling rejection, abandonment, and other emotional pain; and it creates a constant feedback loop of expectations and misconceptions:

People want me to be perfect, and if I’m perfect, they will love me…and if others are perfect, I’ll love them. I have enough love to fix anyone and anything! Who needs love when people might hurt my feelings? I need to control everything if something goes wrong, it’ll be my fault. I’ll never be or have enough to achieve my goals. Must avoid conflict at any cost! I give sooo much to everyone…why doesn’t anyone help me? Life is hard and I have to suffer through it.

By the time we reach adulthood, the well of unacknowledged pain is unbearable, and although we don’t even remember all the incidents of childhood pain, our bodies tell the truth. We feel isolated, misunderstood, afraid of the truth, change, and the unknown, depressed, angry, submissive or abusive toward others, and so many other signs of an unhappy, incomplete life. Unless we heal childhood trauma it haunts us, because it’s the nature of life to grow…and that means we are destined to grow beyond our fears and limitations. An energetic logjam of repressed emotion in childhood manifests in adulthood as self-destructive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive behavior. Pathwork founder, Eva Pierrakos describes the spiritual opportunity we have for healing the unconscious lower mind self, by developing our Higher Self connection to Divine Source which forms, fuels, and connects all creation:

Each living being has a higher self or divine spark. This is the finest and most radiant of the subtle bodies, with the quickest frequency of vibration, because the higher the spiritual development, the quicker the vibration. Since the fall of the angels, the higher self surrounded itself slowly and gradually with various layers of denser matter, not quite as dense as the physical body, but infinitely denser than the higher self. Thus did the lower self come into existence…The aim of spiritual development is to eliminate the lower self so that the higher self becomes free again of all outer layers it has acquired. The lower self consist not only of the common faults and the individual weaknesses that vary with each person, but also of ignorance and laziness.

If you have a strong desire for love, joy, inner peace, and success in life, even with visualizations, prayer, and meditation, it’s rarely enough to make your wish come true. That’s because the conscious mind is only operating 5% of the time, which isn’t enough to meet the stressful demands of 21st-century life and overcome unconscious mind programming. Experiencing consistent strife and failure in life is a sign of those negative loops playing. And yet, most people are unaware that the unconscious mind is the source of their problems…not the problems themselves.

That is why the inner journey is essential to health and happiness, and why we need reflection from others in order to recognize or re-cognize the unconscious blocks we are too afraid to face alone. When those feelings of fear, anger, shame, guilt, etc., dissolve, it brings freedom and flow in your mind, body, and soul. Pathwork calls conundrums a beautiful problem, because there is always an invitation to learn, heal, and grow in every situation and in every pain. And the more accustomed you become to choosing this way of higher truth rather than a life of lower self generated frequencies, the more self-worth, joy, love, synchronicity, and abundance you experience. At the core of who you are in God, THE GREATEST BLESSINGS OF LIFE ARE ALREADY YOURS!

Love beyond love, always, all ways,


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