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This has been the most impactful spiritual experience, and what I’ve learned has overflowed into every single area of my life. Anjani has a sincerity, wisdom and knowledge about her that is such an amazing gift. She will transform your life, what you thought was life, and what you want for your life. 


Amanda Busby - USA

Your capacity to intuit the truth is far superior to mine. I trust you like no other.  


Leonard Cohen - Canada

My first session with Anjani literally turned my life around. I was able to connect with myself which is huge; then being guided back to balance in such a calm and peaceful way was so profound.


Dr. Dave Levin - Croatia

Anjani lovingly and gracefully guides me through some of the most difficult and eye-opening spiritual journeys I’ve been on. She has shown me how to understand myself and my own motivations, and for this, I am forever grateful.


Avi Finley - USA

I have been to many Counselors in my life. As I look back, all I did was talk. You, on the other hand, by accessing your incredible sense of intuition, calling in your Angelic helpers, guided visualizations, and I’m not sure what other kind of magic occurred, helped me to actually walk through and process trauma. It feels like the entire world has opened up and now there is light shining in. I am on the verge of experiencing joy again, where there has been no joy, no passion and no real sense of wonder. I will always be grateful to you for this intimate and cathartic journey that we walked together. 


Kristen Pokky - USA

Anjani complements her extraordinary intuitive gifts with Pathwork modalities…a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life awaits those who embark on this journey inward.

Carol Lee Thorpe - USA

The manner in which you unravel issues and offer guidance in a gentle yet firm manner, speaks of one able to connect within the highest angelic realms. Your abilities are a gift from the divine. 


Brian Faul - South Africa

Heart to heart, spirit to spirit, and soul to soul. Words are so inadequate for your guidance. Thank you, with all my heart.


Lee-Ann Chow - USA

Anjani gave me guidance plus words of wisdom. I heeded everything and I am much happier and healthier than I was before. Anjani is a lovely, warm, loving and giving lady. I think of her as an Angel and feel blessed to have made contact with her. 


Trevor Benfield - England

In all my 25 years of working in natural health as a practitioner and as an earnest spiritual student, I have never met anyone like Anjani. Her clarity and ability to get right into the heart of the issues are unique, as are

her empathy, patience, and compassion. I now have a level of self-empowerment in all aspects of

my life that I had not thought possible. 


Peter Archer - New Zealand

Anjani has helped me to clear long-standing energy blocks in my body, mind, and spirit.  I find that I can move my body with more confidence and old emotional patterns no longer muddle my mind.  I enjoy life more,  because I am no longer burdened by unconscious baggage or unseen entities. 


Mary Tradii - USA

How do you thank someone for helping to save your life?

Everything changed for the better after my sessions with you!


William T. - USA

The Happiness Class was powerful and you made it fun. I am very appreciative of your work, courage, discipline, and humility to guide me out of the ego’s torments. I feel so grateful to have had this exposure.

Eliza Packard - USA

At this point in my life, I can finally tap into something that I knew was always there but unable to use and understand, until now. A transformative experience. Tuning into my intuition is helping me be the bigger me, the better me, the higher me. A whisper from God. Anjani's teaching has changed my life by simply helping me to  listen to my Higher Self, who always tells me the truth no matter what.


Paul Koidis - Canada

Anjani and I divinely connected during a difficult time in my life. She is highly intuitive and picks up on energy spot on with fine detail.  She lovingly and compassionately guides with a gentle, kind voice. I admire how she reads my energy for me, yet encourages me to be my own barometer and read my own energy for myself—so that I may develop the skill.

Kayla Proulx - USA

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